Joseph Ashford: A Leader in Business

Joseph Ashford is a brilliant businessman and leader around the world. He is based out of London but has clients all over the world. Joseph Ashford is the CEO of a successful marketing and consulting company called K4 Global. K4 Global opened its doors in 2014 and since that time […]

Greg Blatt achievements

Greg Blatt has worked in different sectors, and in most cases, Greg Blatt has been very successful. People start small and grow over time. The determination in Greg to achieve great success in his life cannot be overlooked. He started working as a bartender and grew his career over time […]

Bo Parfet: Doing The Impossible

People can sometimes be quick to say that you can’t achieve something due to a setback. That didn’t stop Bo Parfet, a man with dyslexia, from successfully climbing seven of the most dangerous mountains on the planet. He lost a teammate along the way and almost faced death himself. However, […]