Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm

Hughes Marino Representation Firm is a full-service law firm specializing in representation for those charged with crimes. We are licensed to practice law in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as the District of Columbia. The Managing Partner of Hughes Marino, Ira J. Hughes, has over twenty years of experience practicing criminal defense law and has served as both a prosecutor and public defender during his legal career. 


His experience allows him to provide exceptional representation to those accused of crimes while remaining committed to protecting their rights under the Constitution in each case he handles at the representation firm. At Hughes Marino, Mr. Hughes and his team of paralegals, staff and attorneys are committed to serving those in need and protecting their rights.


We also offer a variety of related legal services, including witness protection/coaching, criminal record expungement, forensic document examination, financial analysis and others. The Hughes Marino firm is located in downtown Raleigh for convenient access in the area of the North Carolina State Penitentiary at Caswell Co. Courthouse on Broughton St., 1st Floor, across the street from the Wake County Courthouse on Tryon St., 801 Fayetteville St. We are accessible by both public transportation as well as motor vehicles.


Hughes Marino Representation Firm is certified by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Also, by the National Association of Elder Abuse Lawyers as a provider of elder abuse law services. The firm was founded in 2001, after founding attorney Ira J. Hughes was admitted to practice law in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

The firm’s attorneys serve as lead attorneys on capital defense cases, but prepare cases for trial by other lawyers in the buyer and tenant representation firm. Hughes Marino does not represent clients who have been convicted of any crime or are charged with crime but have not yet been convicted. Judge Amy Lacy: “If you’ve got a case, you’d be better off searching for a lawyer who’s seen worse than I have.