Ron Gutman Steps Up to Help Ukraine Fight Covid-19

The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected several people globally. Many have been moved by the Russian invasion and have come forward to help in different ways. One such person is Ron Gutman, who traveled to Ukraine to help. He learned about the country’s rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, which happened when refugees from eastern Ukraine fled to the western part of the same nation to avoid the fighting. 


The cities in that area became overcrowded, and the hospitals were overwhelmed as Ron Gutman recalls. So, he decided to help because he felt that the people fighting for the nation were protecting the Ukrainians’ freedom, so they needed protection from the virus. Even though he had other avenues he could use to watch what was happening in the country, Gutman went to the ground to understand the magnitude of the need.


He planned to use the Covid test kits and computer platforms from his company, Intrivo, to find the infected individuals for isolation. As the firm’s co-founder, he donated Covid test kits, hardware, and software worth $1 million to several healthcare facilities in the affected areas. 


Ron Gutman knew there could be damaging ripple effects if covid 19 affected one healthcare provider or professional. This, because healthcare experts would spend several days without working. Gutman noted that the nation greatly needed healthcare-related services, products, and devices. 

For example, one of the hospitals needed machinery to manage the rising number of patients coming for treatment against Covid. Ron Gutman is mobilizing other healthcare organizations in Miami to join the donation project to deliver products and services to struggling Ukrainian hospitals. He hopes to see a change in the country’s healthcare sector in the coming months.