Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a self-published author working on her novel, the first in her new series.

She has also written numerous articles for various sites, including Amazon and Trusted Reviews, where she was an editor.

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Franci’s writing has been published by Inkshares and other self-publishing platforms such as Lulu and Smashwords.

  1. Procrastination Has Never Been Part of Franci Neely’s Destination

Good things, like good people, often come to those who wait.

That was certainly the case for Franci Neely, whose memoir and self-help book JUMP! From The Corporate Ladder to a Freelance Lifestyle (Amazon & Goodreads) will be released within the next few weeks.

While she sat on ideas for the memoir for quite a while before committing to publication, the book is now available on Amazon and Goodreads to coincide with her many virtual appearances at websites such as Trusted Reviews.

The book is being released independently through Inkshares and has been supported by crowdfunding through Kickstarter and offers of private investment.

  1. Franci Neely’s Work is a Family Affair

Franci Neely has always been a writer, but she has also always been surrounded by books.

A 1985 graduate of the University of Florida, Franci is the daughter of two English professors.

Her father started the popular English syllabus at her high school in Gainesville, Florida.

Still, Franci Neely took that class and fell in love with literature. Since then, books have been a big part of her life, as she both read and wrote them – sometimes at the same time.

  1. Awards and Recognition Have Always Been a Goal

While at UF, Franci Neely was an honors student who won numerous awards for her writing and public speaking.

She also received awards for her literary work, including the New Voices Literary Award in 1996 from the Florida Writers Association.

In 1997, she was named runner-up for the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction and the Florida Writer’s Association Short Story Contest winner.

Later that same year, she was awarded a Creative Writing Fellowship at the historic MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.

Franci Neely is a successful author who will soon release her memoir about being a freelance writer.

She is also the daughter of two English professors, which makes her the perfect person for the job.

Her writing career started at an early age, and she has had many successes over the years, beginning when she was fourteen with a short story published by Seventeen Magazine and ending today with the upcoming release of her memoir and self-help book JUMP!

From The Corporate Ladder to a Freelance Lifestyle (Amazon & Goodreads).

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