Ryan Bishti: Top London Chefs Talk About What They Think About Instagram

Renowned chefs usually focus on ensuring each client has an excellent dining experience. The chefs strive to control how the dishes taste and look. Also, it is good to keep in mind what the diners will listen to while eating. The only thing that a chef cannot control is the temperature of the food when it gets into the mouth of each diner. When people order a sumptuous meal, they take photos first before eating.


Many chefs have had a love-hate relationship with the social media giant. The marketing power of Instagram is undeniable. However, some issues arise, such as comments that are too negative.


Some restaurants have considered banning diners from taking photos of the meals they take. A picture cannot capture the flavor of the meal. You now understand where the main issue lies. People are too quick to judge, and that’s the main problem. You cannot judge food based on its appearance.


Many restaurants have a social media team that is dedicated. Some restaurants have gone a step further to hire a professional photographer. Amid the pandemic, restaurants have managed to stay in touch with their client base while also ensuring a rise in meal kits that people can complete at home.


The main issue at the moment is that the UK government wants to ban food that has high-calorie content. If the bill is passed, numerous chocolate spheres will be closed down. 

Ryan Bishti is among the chefs who have managed to weigh in on the Instagram matter. For Ryan Bishti, he acknowledges that initially, restaurants were resisting Instagram. However, with time Instagram has become more of a ‘shop-window.’ With a professional photographer in place, it is possible to work some magic on the drinks and dishes. The industry has forced restaurants to up their game which is good.