Reasons why QNET is not  a Scam

Direct selling is often associated with Multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing and direct selling are two separate concepts and are often painted as pyramid schemes. It is not the case for most companies that sell through the mentioned channels. QNET is one such company that has been labelled to be a scam. Many individuals have this assumption, but for QNET, it is not a scam but an e-commerce direct selling business unit. QNET operates in countries with stringent policies. The countries have strict rules and regulations towards consumer protection. In addition, QNET is not a scam because it pays commissions entirely on products sold out. Most pyramid schemes that exist are known to pay individuals depending on when they joined the organization, and it pays commission based on goods sold. Most pyramid schemes pay individuals according to referrals and the number of clients an individual has brought to the company thus it can it be labeled as a QNET scam

QNET gives back to the community is in operation in different countries the company. Since the company has been in operation for close to two decades, it has endeavored to give back to society it cannot be termed as a QNET scam The company has a charity arm that has helped communities living in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, during the pandemic company was able to reunite with distributors and charities to provide the vulnerable with food and donations. One has been in existence for close two decades. Most pyramid schemes do not go past a specific duration. But with QNET it has thrived in direct selling, harnessing the power of e-commerce.QNET has partnered with different parties such as athletes and individuals in the sporting fraternity. Over the years, the company has understood the similarity between sports and being an entrepreneur. Both require the same set of skills. QNET has been vibrant in supporting badminton, tennis and hockey, among other sports.

QNET’s approach requires their business associates to be hardworking for them to achieve sales which some can see as a QNET scam. Most of the time, people are unwilling to work hard and lack patience, thus falsely accusing the business to be a QNET scam. Find out more answers about Qnet rumours and controversy.