New Cloud Inventory Integration From DSI: Get Complete Control Across The Supply Chain

DSI Global has announced a new Cloud Inventory release that integrates with Salesforce to give users complete control across the supply chain.

Cloud Inventory is a cloud-based solution that offers inventory management and order tracking for businesses of all sizes. As the market leader in cloud-based inventory management solutions, they are committed to providing the best possible service for its customers. This latest integration with DSI only strengthens that commitment.

Field Inventory Management is a mobile app that allows users to manage their inventory in the field, making it easy to track and locate inventory, check stock numbers and automatically upload data into Cloud.

Field Inventory Management offers integration with Salesforce enables users to connect their existing field service management (FSM) platform directly to Cloud Inventory. With this connection, companies can create control across the entire supply chain and automate. Inventory rescans in real-time, which reduces incorrect or incomplete information that could be detrimental for customers. This integration results in users reducing the time spent on data entry, making it easier to manage inventory, reduce/eliminate manual updates, and create more accurate shipments.

The integration provides the following benefits:

  • Users can view data in real-time directly on Salesforce, including parts and asset information.
  • Users have a detailed history of activity for each linked mobile device, allowing them to see when it was uploaded, viewed and edited.
  • Automatically pulls case history and updates the inventory when a change is made in Cloud Fields mobile app, ensuring that users have accurate information to hand.

The new DSI Inventory allows users to link Cloud data with Salesforce cases and provides detailed statistics for each asset and mobile device to ensure information accuracy. Updating the Inventory with case history from Cloud Fields mobile app ensures that users have the most updated information to hand at all times. The integration is done fully with Salesforce through Cloud Fields, giving users complete control across their supply chain. Visit this page for additional information.


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