Citizen App: The Exclusive Crime App With Great Boundaries

Citizen App is one of the recent innovations making news. Launched in 2016, the digital platform has become a household name in informing caution and prompting individuals to stay safe. It is a unique app that is more immediate and convenient with real-time safety alerts.

Most interestingly, the app is designed to provide users with instant access to verified police information. The digital app allows users to broadcast live videos and follow updates on emerging crimes and emergencies. The crucial aspect of this innovative technology is that it allows you to keep your loved ones safe and aware.

Citizen App is devised to use radio antennas in monitoring verified 911 communications. And yes, Citizen employees leverage their prowess to filter the received audio to generate multiple alerts to users. Citizen App has tremendously gained popularity over the years for its potentiality.

This amazing app is useful because it captures a breadth of information about crime from various sources and presents it to individuals in a localized form. As of 2020, the app had approximately seven million users and over 234000 downloads. What’s amazing, multiple individuals have employed the innovative app to stay cautious and check police presence.

Developed in 2016 as Vigilante, the app was entirely rebranded in 2017 as Citizen. The digital app has reinforced the focus on safety from the development phases. Most interestingly, the app was created to create safety among communities. Today, it has scaled through the ranks to features on Android and iOS. The app has expanded its network to nearly 22 cities in the United States.

Indeed, Citizen App has played an integral role several times since its launch. It informed caution in the abduction of a boy in Manhattan. Nonetheless, the app’s response to the 2019 fire at Trump Tower was overwhelming as multiple Citizen users live-streamed the happenings. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


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