Facts about Ryan Kavanaugh; He Innovator and Serial Entrepreneur

Ryan Kavanaugh is the founder of Triller and co-founder of The Fight Club. Since the start of his career, he has fought to change the usual norm and, in the process, taken punches but achieved more. Like a good fighter, Mr. Kavanaugh does not remain down; he keeps getting up. Ryan Kavanaugh does not believe in impossibility; he fights to ensure he succeeds in what he was told is impossible and won’t work. Currently, Kavanaugh is working on changing the boxing world and the digital advertising world.

Triller, a video-sharing social network, offers users a chance to be creative when making music videos and lip-sync videos. Since the inception of Ryan’s Triller, it has grown to become a success having more than 200 million downloads and more than 50 million users globally, including celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and many more. Its AI editing tools do all the hard editing work to ensure the best end product is achieved.

Triller is mainly categorized with TikTok; however, it started much earlier and has numerous additional features. It has partnerships with great record labels and streaming services. The app had a significant boost in 2020 when former President Trump threatened to ban Tiktok, making TikTok users rush to other alternatives. Kavanaugh found Triller was the most downloaded app in 51 countries when he woke up.

Ryan Kavanaugh gets inspired to fight and create successful businesses from his father, Jack Kavanaugh. His father, the Chief Executive Officer of Nanotech Energy, used his medical and industry experience to lead groundbreaking companies and cure cancer. Ryan prefers picking the more challenging path even though there are easier ways to succeed in the entertainment and online industry. The Fight Club and Triller have more to come in the future.

Original source to learn more: https://www.rkavanaugh.com/