Shiraz Boghani Won The Prestigious Award For His Hospitality Group

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Splendid Hospitality, which is the group Shiraz Boghani is the chairman of, has continued to impress guests, investors and other people. Shiraz Boghani runs the business successfully and knows what it takes to make sure he is giving his best to those who are in need of hospitality opportunities.

Shiraz Boghani likes to show people there are different things they can do and there are different opportunities they have for success when they stay at one of his hotels. Shiraz Boghani also likes to provide positive examples to people who have done their best through the hotel industry and to those who have wanted to make a difference throughout their careers.

Being the leader of Splendid Hospitality, Shiraz Boghani has always tried to make sure he is dedicating the time and effort he has to his customers so he can help them through different things. He has also made sure he can give everyone a chance at making things easier on themselves by providing an amazing deal for the opportunity for them. For Shiraz Boghani to do these things, he has to make sure he is doing everything right. He also has to make sure he can show people the way to change the industry.


Even though Shiraz Boghani has made his way through the industry and has built up his company from the bottom, he still knows how important it is to give his attention to detail and to the people who need it the most. Shiraz Boghani likes to show everyone there are different options for hospitality and they can get what they want from having a positive hospitality experience. Shiraz Boghani knows what it will take to give people the options they need and to provide them with the experiences that will bring everything back together.

For Shiraz Boghani to do this, he had to make sure there were different opportunities of success within his business. Shiraz Boghani always made sure he was giving people the opportunities other hospitality industry experts didn’t. While, at the time, Shiraz Boghani was just doing it because he knew it was an important part of the business, he found it was something that would set him up for success in the future. Since he had done all of these things, it set him up for the future and gave him a chance to really make a difference. The commitment is the reason he won the award for hospitality.

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Gregory James Aziz Achievements as CEO of National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz is a prominent person in the field of business who has pragmatic skills in management. He is the current CEO of the National Steel Car he has placed the company at a vantage position over the past years. Greg Aziz’s dedication and skills in the field of business have made National Steel Car to earn the best spot in the production of the railroad. Additionally, he has specialized in the field of economics, and this has helped him in the management of the finances of the company.


The dedication of Greg as the CEO of the company has stretched the limits of the company regarding marketing and expansion of the business. The move has made National Steel Car recognized as the most significant company in the production of the railroads. Click Here for additional information.


Hamilton, Ontario is the known location that the headquarter of the National Steel Cars is based. The commitment of the company is showcased its capability in opening up different branches in various parts of the world. Additionally, National Steel Car has a team of experts that is crafting the goals whenever the new idea within the firm is conceptualized. This has eased the work of management in the sense that it enables the company to commit its efforts in all the possible opportunities available. Furthermore, the company has extended its boundaries to the various regions of Europe with the intention of reaching out to the new clients.


Greg Aziz is the right person who was behind the push for these achievements within the company. Aziz started his education in his home country and then to Western Ontario University where is specialized in the field of economics. Application of his knowledge has helped him much in handling the financial matters within the company.


The leadership skills of Greg James Aziz started way back when he was assisting in the management of the family business. He later became the manager of the family business, Affiliated Food, and made the food firm earn a huge amount of revenue within a short time. The other achievements of the company during the tenure of the Greg is when he expanded the business and stretched the exports from local to the international level. The branches that the company has opened in various parts of the world has made it simpler for the company to manage the distributors of its products.


Greg James Aziz has placed the National Steel Car at the best position in terms of marketing and distribution.


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The Contribution Of Greg Aziz To The Railcar Industry

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Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended the Ridley College. He joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. In 1971, James Aziz begun to work with Affiliated Foods, a wholesale family business. He contributes to the development of the company into a worldwide importer of fresh foods in Central America, South America, and Europe. The company also distributes its products to the markets in the United States and Eastern Canada.


Greg James Aziz worked on several banking opportunities in New York from late 1980’s to early 1990’s. Using the income earned from investing in banking opportunities, Greg Aziz managed to purchase the National Steel Car Company from the Dofasco. His primary intention was to change the Canadian company into one of the largest leading railroad freight car manufacturers in North America. James Aziz expanded the manufacturing capability of the company from 3,500 cars annually when he purchased it to 12,000 cars annually. He was able to expand the company by leveraging the company’s engineering capabilities, substantial human and capital investment and team-work. The company’s employees also increased significantly from 600 at the time of purchase to 3,000.


Gregory Aziz is the President, Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the National Steel Car. Through his leadership skills, Gregory James Aziz has made the company one of the most extensive railroad freight car engineering in the world. Greg Aziz attributes the success of the company to it fraternity and the community around. The company challenges itself constantly and raise the bar for themselves to become unmatched within the industry. Through his leadership, the company has developed trust with the customers by building railcars of the highest quality and consistent on-time delivery. The company is committed to excellence and quality, determined always to move forward and dedicated to its traditions. Find More Related Here.


National Steel Car Company is one of the most reputed companies in North America. The company has experience of over 100 years in engineering and manufacturing. The company is innovative, dynamic and value-driven. The company remains unmatched in the railroad freight car manufacturing. It is the only railcar company in North America that is certified ISO 9001:2008. The company has also been consistently honored by the annual TTX SECO award for more than ten years. The company has earned trust from the customers due to on-time delivery performance and the quality of its products. The success of this great company is dependent on all its workers, customers and the community around.


What Does Gregory Aziz Do?

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Gregory Aziz has tried throughout his career to make sure he is helping people with the issues they have in business. As a business professional, Gregory Aziz knows there is a lot to take away from the things he does. He also knows his expertise is valuable because it allows him the chance to show people they can make things better for their business. When Greg Aziz was working with other businesses, he knew he was making them money and they were profiting from it. Despite him trying to make the money himself, he was struggling because he knew he had so much more to offer.


The only thing Gregory J Aziz knew how to do was work for himself. He wanted to make things work and he wanted to show people they would have a chance to make the best of the business world. He worked on his own and showed them what he was doing to make things better. He started a business that gave him a chance to try different things. He also wanted to show people there would be a positive influence in the things he was doing. out of everything Gregory Aziz offered people, the fact that his business experience made sense was the best thing possible for him.


By using that experience, Gregory Aziz was preparing to show people how they could run their own businesses. When Gregory J Aziz purchased National Steel Car, he was taking a risk. Since his business experience allowed him the chance to show people he could make things work, Aziz knew the risk was worth it. There was a lot of risk, but National Steel Car was something Gregory Aziz felt he would be able to help people with and show them that the industry would get better no matter what. See This Page for more information.


Despite the issues that came from Gregory Aziz trying things on his own, he knew National Steel Car would continue to be a great business. It had once been a good business and had actually thrived while the freight industry was in a time that it was successful. The problem came when the freight industry began to decline. National Steel Car started to suffer, but that’s when Gregory Aziz came in and took over. He brought the business back to life, so he could help it grow and begin repairing an industry that was so damaged until that point. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


Recent Changes Made by Obsidian Energy

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The Penn West Corporation Ltd. changed its name to the Penn West Energy Trust, then Penn West Petroleum and now its shareholders have approved the name change to Obsidian Energy Ltd. as of June 2017. The name, “Obsidian” was chosen because obsidian is a volcanic glass that can be sharpened and honed.


The stock symbol was replaced with “OBE” on both the New York Stock and the Toronto Stock Exchanges. It is among the sixty largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Obsidian Energy adopted a new beginning in many ways including embracing new operating principles: Building and protecting enterprise value by using technical and commercial decision-making, employing the relentless pursuit of innovation and forward thinking, and being a company that is accountable and uses transparent efforts with its shareholders, its partners and the communities in which it operates.


Obsidian Energy is a medium sized Canadian Company producing oil and natural gas. Its headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta. Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves. Obsidian’s oil production comes from three key areas in Alberta: the Alberta Viking, the Pembina Cardium and the Peace River Oil Sands.


Committed to keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum, Obsidian works to ensure its operations are safe for the neighborhoods they operate in. Their environmental programs are setup to meet or exceed the environmental regulations and conserve resources. Obsidian Energy operates each energy site with a few major concepts in the forefront of their minds. They keep accurate stakeholder communication accessible, employ good reclamation practices and responsible site abandonment techniques. View More Information Here.


Obsidian Energy has made some drastic changes since it hit a debt level of $3 billion in 2013. Recently its debt has been lowered to a net debt of $384 million. It has further reduced its overhead by reducing its employee count from 1400 down to 300. It also limited its daily oil production from 135,000 barrels per day to 28,000. Today Obsidian Energy is leaner and stronger with a more focused approach to achieve significant growth in the future.



U.S. Money Reserve and the Excitement of Precious Metals

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U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. collaborated with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and gathered an impressive $219,622. These donations all went to help the people who survived Hurricane Harvey. U.S. Money Reserve is a prominent precious metals supplier that’s headquartered in Texas. It has branches in the cities of Houston, Beaumont and Austin. The company responded rapidly to the major disaster. It established a relief program that aims to assist people who need to pick up the pieces after the intense Gulf Coast storm. Angela Koch serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the U.S. Money Reserve. She said that the company was taken by a strong urge to assist the people in its state. She also said that U.S. Money Reserve aims to aid with the reconstruction process. The reconstruction process is going to call for a significant amount of money, time and energy.


U.S. Money Reserve is among the United States’ biggest platinum, silver and gold suppliers. It focuses on platinum, silver and gold offerings that are provided by the government. It’s been a big player in the precious metals world since launching back in 2001. It accommodates the needs of countless people all around the United States. The staff at U.S. Money Reserve has a lot of training. It consists of numismatic and coin research aficionados who know a lot about the market and how it works.


Philip N. Diehl is the head of the U.S. Money Reserve. He used to work as the Director for the U.S. Mint. He’s currently the U.S. Money Reserve’s hard-working President. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that knows everything there is to know about precious metals. The people who work for U.S. Money Reserve can assist individuals who are searching for options that can help them safeguard their wealth. This is particularly critical in this day and age. The economy around the world is rather hard to predict lately. Learn more:


People can learn a lot about the ins and outs of precious metals by visiting the website for the U.S. Money Reserve. This website has a neat and attractive layout and design and because of those things is practically effortless to get around. People can visit the website’s helpful and informative Knowledge Center. This center gives visitors access to dependable prices and charts that can help them move ahead and make smart and solid decisions. Staff members update this center frequently.

Penn West Petroleum Transformation to Obsidian Energy

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Obsidian Energy is a midway-sized gas and oil producer that has a portfolio which is well balanced containing assets of good quality that produce approximately 30,000 barrels per day. The organization, together with these assets, offers a good and efficient environment to deliver a spirit of entrepreneurship and core results that will give it a chance to be successful in the oil and gas industry. Obsidian Energy works on the basis of inexorable passion for the industry at large, discipline and bold accountability for the community, the company’s partners, and its shareholders. The company, however, hasn’t always had the name Obsidian Energy Ltd. Formerly; it was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd until there was a vote of 92% by the shareholders to change the name of the organization.


This change of names occurred on June 26th, 2016 to acknowledge that it is for a fact true that the company has, over the years, gone through meaningful changes that have had a huge impact to every perspective of the business which has consequently to the redefinition and growth of the company today. According to David French, the CEO of Obsidian Energy, they chose this name to signify that the organization will be sharpened- Obsidian is a volcanic glass that can easily be honed and sharpened. The organization now, having redefined itself, has an aim of spending budgets that are very close to the price of gas and oil. It plans to achieve this by seeking for essential growth in the next three years. (Go To This Page for related information.)


The previous renowned Penn West has, over the past four years, has had high debts. That it has survived not to add that it has also had scandals concerning accounting that led to lawsuits by some investors. Most of these lawsuits were settled last year. The group’s net debt was reduced to 384 million dollars as of March 31st, 2017. This is a good improvement because it had almost 3 billion dollars of debt late 2013. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. The organization can now be described as a much smaller company with the number of employees reduced from 1,400 to 300 hence cutting the production from 135,000 barrels per day to 28,000 barrels per day.



Gregory Aziz’s National Steel Car Dominates The North American Market

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For the last 18 years, the National Steel Car has ranked as the only leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company in North America. The National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has a competitive edge on new car innovation. Over the years, they have developed thousands of innovative railroad freight cars. The company’s excellence in engineering and manufacturing has been the pillar of their success. Greg James Aziz is the brain behind National Steel Car’s solid profile. Gregory J Aziz, who serves as the chairman, president and CEO of the company, has demonstrated undying commitment to the company’s success.


When Gregory assumed ownership and leadership of National Steel Car in 1994, he embarked on a transformative strategy of rebuilding the company. With a fascinating blend of the company’s superior engineering capabilities, both human and capital investment, and team-building strategies, the company quickly rose to prominence. After leading the company for four years, National Steel Car started having impressive manufacturing capabilities. The company started producing 12,000 cars per year compared to the 3,500 cars that they were developing four years earlier. The company expanded its employee base from 600 to 3,000 staff members. These outstanding results reflect James Aziz’s transformative leadership. The impressive results are a reflection of his qualities, which include being collaborative, influential, visionary, innovative and ethical.


Since Gregory James Aziz took over the ownership of National Steel Car, the company has received annual TTX SECO awards for over a decade. He is well connected to his team and employs effective ways to ensure that they deliver quality products to their clients. Moreover, the company capitalizes on its great talents. The diverse talent pool has played an instrumental role in the success of the company in the industry. To this end, the National Steel Car has earned a good share of trust from clients who seek their unique services. They are also highly respected in the industry. Get More Info Here.


Gregory J Aziz has cultivated the culture of giving back to the community. The National Steel Car has supported various initiatives in Hamilton community, including the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and the United Way. Each Christmas, they organize an event to support a local food bank. Besides, Greg Aziz sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada. The visionary leader started his career at his family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The company imported fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe, and distributed it to leading fresh food wholesale brands in the United States and the eastern part of Canada. Later, he left to work as an investment banker in New York. After accumulating wealth, Greg acquired National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz Offered A Solution To Rail Industry Issues

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For years, the rail industry struggled. Companies like National Steel Car were unable to get the support they needed because rail companies were simply becoming obsolete in the society that depended on air travel for their transportation needs. Gregory Aziz wanted to put a stop to that, so he made sure he was going above and beyond to help companies with the issues they would have according to the rail industry standards. Gregory J Aziz knew he could do a lot, so he pushed to make it a popular opportunity for everyone who was a part of the business. In addition, Gregory Aziz wanted to ensure he was doing everything on his own by giving himself the education and experience that would lead him to new possibilities.


By starting out with a banking company, Gregory James Aziz was giving himself the training he needed to improve a company in the future. While he didn’t know the company would be on in the rail industry, he knew he wanted to do something with a failing industry. It just made sense for him to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco, because it aligned with the ideas he had for success in the industry in the future.


After Gregory J Aziz knew he was successful in the banking world, he moved into a new industry. There, he continued to work with other companies, even worked for his family business; Affiliate Foods. He did all the work for them, but it wasn’t a place where he wanted to stay for the rest of his career. In fact, he did not enjoy making money for other people because he was so good at what he did. He wanted to make money for himself, but he knew if he wanted the chance to do that he would need to take the time that he had to learn more about business in other areas.

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When Greg Aziz felt he was ready, he purchased the National Steel Car company. He had trained for a long time by working with other businesses. In addition, he had been saving a lot of money, so he could actually purchase the business. Even though the business was failing when Greg Aziz purchased it, he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to make the necessary improvements to make it profitable again. Once Gregory Aziz started working on the company, it started to profit again so people could enjoy the business plan he had created.


The Bravery and Dedication of Betsy DeVos in Fighting For Transformative and Accountable Leadership in Politics and Education in the United States

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Betsy DeVos is well known for her generosity to charitable organizations, educational centers, churches, hospitals, and politics among others. Her family, led by her father in law, Rich DeVos, is among the top givers in the United States, which explains why giving is so natural for her. Betsy is also known for her bravery in fighting for equal educational rights. Her dedication to educational reforms led her to be appointed as the 11th United States Secretary of Education.


Involvement in Politics


Since her school days in the late 70s, Betsy DeVos is known to be actively involved in politics. It is at the Michigan’s Calvin College that her passion in politics was birthed as she participated in the institute’s political activities. She joined the Republican Party after completing her studies in business economics in the late 70s. She went on to serve for the party in Michigan as a local precinct delegate and later the Republican National Committeewoman. She showcased excellent leadership capabilities that saw her be elected as the Republican Party Chairwoman in Michigan in 1996 and a re-election to the same post in 2003. Through the years, Betsy was at the forefront in rallying for funds for the party’s political activities and candidates support. One of the remarkable fundraiser that she conducted raised more than 150000 dollars. The funds went to fund the re-election campaign of George W. Bush in 2004. Her family alone has given more than 17 million dollars to the Republican Party since 1989.


Educational Matters


Betsy DeVos is very passionate about every child in the United States accessing quality education. She believes that money should not be a hindrance for children of all walks to achieve their dreams. Betsy has always been at the forefront in advocating for charter schools and school vouchers. Her dedication led her to launch platforms, such as the Alliance for School Choice and the All Children Matter that have been instrumental in her causes. She has also been involved with the Great Lakes Education Project, the American Educational Reform Council and the Foundation for Excellence in Education among others.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation


In 1989, Betsy teamed up with her husband Dick DeVos to start the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Their reason for the move was to launch a foundation that they would use to influence change in leadership in areas that affect the people including education, healthcare, arts, and justice among others. Almost thirty years later, the couple has stood to their mission having supported numerous organizations. They include Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values, Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, the Center for Individual Rights, and Acton Institute among others. Betsy DeVos’ giving goes beyond monetary to advisory and leadership services. She has served on the boards of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Neurocore among others.


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