The New Direct Response Television Show by US Money Reserve

ironwill | Numismatist

The PRNewswire on 28th September, 2016 published about the launch of a direct response television (DRTV) by US Money Reserve that is titled 2016 Gold Summit. US Money Reserve is a US company that distributes foreign and US issued platinum, gold and silver legal tender products.

The company is also among the top companies in the world that deal with precious metals. The show which will be airing for 28 minutes will be held at the 2016 Gold Summit that is in Los Angeles, California. Reknown Larry King will serve as the new show’s moderator. Apart from Larry King, the show will also have Michael Reagan who is the first son of the President Ronald Reagan.

Michael Reagan explained earlier in the program that it was his father’s belief that all American Citizens should have the right to posses gold. The show will also feature another segment where panelists from the US Money Reserve will informatively speak about the benefits of possessing US government gold. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

They will also discuss about the current financial market volatility and how the gold’s bull market has been impacted by the recent international events.

According to Crunchbase, the panel is made up of three individuals from the US Money Reserve. They include John Rothans who works at US Money Reserve as a Master Numismatist, Philip Diehl who is the Chairman of ICTA and also US Money Reserve’s president and Brad Castillo who is the former Vice President of Sales at the US Money Reserve.

The CEO of the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch said that the new TV show is a testament of the hard work and talent of their company’s incredible production team.

She adds that it is a great honor for them to have the moderator as Larry King. She went on to say that Michael Reagan and Larry King are both legends and it is because of the long relationship that they were able to put up the show. The new show will be aired on selected media outlets,

US Money Reserve was created in 2001 and is one of the biggest distributors in the world of foreign and US issued platinum, gold and silver products.

US Money Reserve serves many clients from all over the United States and helps them diversify their assets with the use of physical precious metals. US Money Reserve feature an incredible talented team of coin researchers and numismatics. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and boasts of a strong relationship with its customers.