Lacey and Larkin Keen’s Utopia that Respects People’s Rights

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Although the unauthorized immigration rate to the US is somewhat lower, the rate of death among those seeking to avoid apprehension continues to rise. Migrants die as they chase their dreams across boundaries. Colibri Centre for Human Rights comes in to help families that have missing loved ones. Unidentified remains continue to pile up in massive refrigerators even as families are left in a perpetual state of worry and wonder.

At Colibri Centre, families across the border that have missing ones will volunteer forensic details which will be compared to the many dead bodies along the border morgues. Upon identification of the dead relative, the bodies are returned home for decent burial. The management and principals at Colibri assert that the centre disputes the notion that migrant lives do not count.

Refugee Rights Project: Florence Immigrant

There are thousands of immigrants detained in Arizona detention facilities. These detainees await the determination of their deportation cases. Most of these folk have no money to hire lawyers. Suffices to say that many have strong cases, but without representation they stare removal in the face.

Florence Project offers these detainees free counsel. It goes a step ahead to offer frail detainees like torture survivors, mentally ill, asylum seekers among others, social services. The project director says that the work they do is crucial as it furnishes these detainees with information they need and also connects them with the social services that they need to survive their crucible. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Coalition for Migrant Rights: Arizona

This coalition brings together local organizations to combat the social and political environment of Arizona immigrants. The anti-immigrant wave is particularly a shared concern. The organizations come together to raise refugee awareness and encourage sharing of information among states. They want to promote justice for migrants and to promote positive change.

The coalition investigates and exposes violations of human rights. The coalition also represents asylum seekers and agitates for legal changes and sound policies. The over 30 years of operation goes to show the coalition is steadfast in its determination.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the Maricopa County sheriff, no one would have thought they would use their settlement money to fund organizations in Arizona agitating for migrant rights. These two journalists were arrested in the wee hours after they exposed grand jury proceedings that were after reporters’ notes that touched on the sheriff.

Shockingly, the subpoenas demanded for the names of citizens that had read stories online touching on the sheriff. Michael and Larkin being champions of the first amendment took the county to court. The fund: Lacey and Larkin Frontera was established after the two journalists won big in court. The fund will now support human rights advocacy groups. Indeed, it will also support groups advocating civic participation and freedom of expression.

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