How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Dating App Came To Be

Whitney Wolfe’s dating app Bumble is one of its kind. It was built with the intention on being a feminist app, and Wolfe wanted to ensure that women got the chance to call the shots.

Whitney Wolfe had helped create Tinder, but after a falling out and even a lawsuit against the other co-founders, she ended up leaving that company and moved forward with her life. Whitney Wolfe was eventually approached by Andrey Andreev who is mainly a Russian investor based in London. He co-founded a social networking site that has more than 300 million users, Badoo. He wanted to work with her to get a piece of this huge industry.

Out of sure desire to give this market a taste of its own “misogyny”, she set out to create a new app like Bumble. She said her goal wasn’t in a sense to create revenge, but more so to solve a real issue in the dating world. The problem that women need to be the one and only person waiting in the wings as they wait on a guy to make the move. Not to mention the annoying men who start conversations negatively and heavily focused on hitting on a girl.

This app is focused on giving women the power. After two people swipe right on each other, the woman must respond first in order to keep the match going. Many people thought of the idea as strange or too feminist related, but in reality, it’s what the dating market needs. Guys think they could create interesting pickup lines to get girls, but that’s not how it should be. Women deserve to have the right to choose who they want to speak to even after they have made the choice to swipe right. Bumble is making big strides in the dating world.