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Gregory Aziz is the Chairman, CEO and President of National Steel Car, one of the greatest railroad freight car manufacturing companies in the world. This success demonstrates the leadership of Greg Aziz. Most of the businesspeople acclaimed in the press and the business media are in businesses perceived to be oriented toward the future, especially computers and biotech. Railroads are considered old tech. However, the world still uses railroads to haul freight, and so James Aziz has demonstrated his company can achieve great success delivering quality freight cars.


Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario, majoring in economics. He joined the family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The business was in the wholesale food sector. Affiliated Foods imported fresh foods from Central America, South America and Europe, and supplied businesses in the United States and Eastern Canada. His experiences in this family business taught him the importance of the transportation network. Food needed to be shipped fast and properly, so it would not spoil. Gregory James Aziz remained with Affiliated Foods for sixteen years, but then worked in investment banking in New York City in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Historically, one of the great companies in the railroad freight car business was National Steel Car. In 1994, this Canadian company was owned by Dofasco, and it had seen many better days. It employed only 600 people and could manufacture at most only 3,500 cars in a year. However, it still had a strong engineering team. Greg James Aziz believed this once-great company could again be one of the world’s leading suppliers of freight cars, and he had the vision and drive to make that happen. See This Article for more information.


Therefore, he arranged for the financing to purchase National Steel Car from its current owner, and the investment in new employees and capital to expand its manufacturing capacity to 12,000 cars by 1999. And by that year, the company employed almost 3,000 workers. Thanks to Aziz and his relentless drive to make the company great again, it is now again one of the leading and most innovative freight manufacturers, selling thousands of cars every year. And it is the only manufacturer in North America certified ISO 9001:2008. It has earned that distinction for the last eighteen years. Since 1996, it has earned the TTX SECO highest quality award.


Together, he and his wife Irene, they sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most prominent agricultural fair held in Canada.