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Gregory J. Aziz has had an extremely successful life in business. He started out small, and through experience and education he was able to help keep the railroad industry alive. Not only does Aziz owe his success to his knowledge of business, but also to his ability to read the market and innovate.

Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. After earning his degree in Economics at the University of Western Ontario, Aziz was thrust into the business world when he joined his family’s food storage and sales business, Affiliated Foods. He spent 16 years working at Affiliated Foods, and in that time he managed to grow the company from a small and local food company to an international wonder in the industry. He used new-found contacts and his ability to create professional ties to secure more suppliers in South America and Europe, as well as to find new customers outside of Canada. When he left, he was ready to start his own venture.

After a few years of investing and growing his portfolio, Aziz figured it was time to put his business know-how to the test. In 1994, Greg James Aziz purchased National Steel Car, a manufacturer and distributor of rolling stock and freight railroad cars. Many saw this as a risky move on his part. Even in the early 1990s, it was clear that the railroad industry was not what it used to be. Not only that, but National Steel Car had a history of being acquired and sold quickly by investors looking to make a quick buck. This history of acquisition left several legacy programs and short-term goals in place, creating a confusing environment for company leaders looking for a single focus and mission of the company. Greg Aziz, however, was able to tread these waters and turn the company around. Find Additional Information Here.


The first thing Greg did was put money towards new capital projects. He increased plant capacity by 300 percent, and he hired more workers than had ever worked at National Steel Car. He also created a strategic vision for the company that focused on the engineering prowess that the company had but had never exploited. With new regulations and safety concerns coming out about rail transportation, Aziz was one step ahead of the pack.


Thanks to Greg Aziz’s leadership and innovation, Aziz and National Steel Car are now bringing in over $200 million per year. They are one of the last great railcar makers in the industry, and with Aziz at the wheel, it doesn’t look like they are closing their doors anytime soon.

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