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Adam Milstein is renowned for his philanthropy and commitment to preserving the Jewish culture. Adam partners up with like-minded organizations that seek to enlighten young Jews living in America about their people’s vibrant heritage. Additionally, the pro-Israeli advocate has served in various international peacekeeping organizations as a representative of the interests of his people.


Early Life

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a middle-class Jewish couple from Haifa, Israel. The family later moved to Europe in the quest for a better life. The move coincided with the auspicious event that saw Israel become a fully recognized state in 1948. In line with the Israeli culture, the dad served as a combat sailor in one of the nation’s navy fleets. Adam soon followed in his dad’s footsteps and enrolled as a soldier with the respected IDF. Milstein fought in various wars, including the Yom Kippur war of 1973. After serving, Milstein went back to college to study business and economics graduating in 1978, and more information click here.


Coming to America

Adam Milstein, the wife, Gila Elgraby and their daughters, entered the US in 1981. They settled out in LA where Adam enrolled for an MBA at the prestigious University of Southern California. After completing his advanced business course, Milstein secured his first gig in America as a sales agent.


Adam Takes Over LA

It took Adam Milstein close to two decades before he finally made it huge in America. Today, the Israeli is a revered and loved community leader, an acclaimed real estate investor and, more importantly, he’s one of the most benevolent immigrants in LA. He runs a privately held venture capital firm called Hager Pacific Properties. For his outstanding achievements and integrity, he’s been appointed to serve on the committees and boards of several high profile organizations, for instance at the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, AISH LA and at the Israel on Campus Coalition enterprise.


Interview Recap

Adam Milstein recently sat down with Ideasmensch to talk about his life and inspiration. He delved into poignant issues such as how his typical day appears and where he draws his creativity from. We highly recommend you read the complete interview and learn more about the amazing life and times of Adam Milstein.