ironwill | Avaaz, Business Expansion

Avaaz is an online social network that has physical premises located in the United States. Since its establishment in 2007, the organization has grown over to reach out to several countries across the universe. Azaaz addresses social issues in the community that entail climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty and conflicts among others. Over the past ten years, the organization earns an incredible reputation for being the most powerful online activist network. Avaaz is well-known for being the most extensive progressive non-governmental group with the highest number of members.

The NGO addresses its issues through demonstrations and petition. Avaaz provides support for media companies that are self-reliant in conflict areas. Avaaz is a result of a partnership of Res Publica and Service Employees International Union. Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse are co-founders of the organization. Patel heads the company, acting as the chief executive officer alongside being the president. Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt serve the group as board executives.

Avaaz is massively supported by its members who offer contributions to the organizations. For the past seven years, the establishment recorded donations that had a monetary value of twenty million dollars. Campaigns were previously funded by foundations and corporations until 2009 when it stopped receiving contributions that exceed five thousand dollars. Avaaz campaigns are conducted through fifteen languages to lobby governments and organize demonstrations. Over the years, the organization empowered individuals across six continents. It has volunteers who spearhead campaigns across the globe by uniting values. Ideas pass through a random sample of over ten thousand members. When a full membership immensely supports the view, it is taken into action via several social media channels within hours. Avaaz focuses on providing a suitable living environment for citizens in various countries.