Gregory Aziz’s National Steel Car Dominates The North American Market

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For the last 18 years, the National Steel Car has ranked as the only leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company in North America. The National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has a competitive edge on new car innovation. Over the years, they have developed thousands of innovative railroad freight cars. The company’s excellence in engineering and manufacturing has been the pillar of their success. Greg James Aziz is the brain behind National Steel Car’s solid profile. Gregory J Aziz, who serves as the chairman, president and CEO of the company, has demonstrated undying commitment to the company’s success.


When Gregory assumed ownership and leadership of National Steel Car in 1994, he embarked on a transformative strategy of rebuilding the company. With a fascinating blend of the company’s superior engineering capabilities, both human and capital investment, and team-building strategies, the company quickly rose to prominence. After leading the company for four years, National Steel Car started having impressive manufacturing capabilities. The company started producing 12,000 cars per year compared to the 3,500 cars that they were developing four years earlier. The company expanded its employee base from 600 to 3,000 staff members. These outstanding results reflect James Aziz’s transformative leadership. The impressive results are a reflection of his qualities, which include being collaborative, influential, visionary, innovative and ethical.


Since Gregory James Aziz took over the ownership of National Steel Car, the company has received annual TTX SECO awards for over a decade. He is well connected to his team and employs effective ways to ensure that they deliver quality products to their clients. Moreover, the company capitalizes on its great talents. The diverse talent pool has played an instrumental role in the success of the company in the industry. To this end, the National Steel Car has earned a good share of trust from clients who seek their unique services. They are also highly respected in the industry. Get More Info Here.


Gregory J Aziz has cultivated the culture of giving back to the community. The National Steel Car has supported various initiatives in Hamilton community, including the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and the United Way. Each Christmas, they organize an event to support a local food bank. Besides, Greg Aziz sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada. The visionary leader started his career at his family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The company imported fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe, and distributed it to leading fresh food wholesale brands in the United States and the eastern part of Canada. Later, he left to work as an investment banker in New York. After accumulating wealth, Greg acquired National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz Offered A Solution To Rail Industry Issues

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For years, the rail industry struggled. Companies like National Steel Car were unable to get the support they needed because rail companies were simply becoming obsolete in the society that depended on air travel for their transportation needs. Gregory Aziz wanted to put a stop to that, so he made sure he was going above and beyond to help companies with the issues they would have according to the rail industry standards. Gregory J Aziz knew he could do a lot, so he pushed to make it a popular opportunity for everyone who was a part of the business. In addition, Gregory Aziz wanted to ensure he was doing everything on his own by giving himself the education and experience that would lead him to new possibilities.


By starting out with a banking company, Gregory James Aziz was giving himself the training he needed to improve a company in the future. While he didn’t know the company would be on in the rail industry, he knew he wanted to do something with a failing industry. It just made sense for him to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco, because it aligned with the ideas he had for success in the industry in the future.


After Gregory J Aziz knew he was successful in the banking world, he moved into a new industry. There, he continued to work with other companies, even worked for his family business; Affiliate Foods. He did all the work for them, but it wasn’t a place where he wanted to stay for the rest of his career. In fact, he did not enjoy making money for other people because he was so good at what he did. He wanted to make money for himself, but he knew if he wanted the chance to do that he would need to take the time that he had to learn more about business in other areas.

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When Greg Aziz felt he was ready, he purchased the National Steel Car company. He had trained for a long time by working with other businesses. In addition, he had been saving a lot of money, so he could actually purchase the business. Even though the business was failing when Greg Aziz purchased it, he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to make the necessary improvements to make it profitable again. Once Gregory Aziz started working on the company, it started to profit again so people could enjoy the business plan he had created.


The Bravery and Dedication of Betsy DeVos in Fighting For Transformative and Accountable Leadership in Politics and Education in the United States

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Betsy DeVos is well known for her generosity to charitable organizations, educational centers, churches, hospitals, and politics among others. Her family, led by her father in law, Rich DeVos, is among the top givers in the United States, which explains why giving is so natural for her. Betsy is also known for her bravery in fighting for equal educational rights. Her dedication to educational reforms led her to be appointed as the 11th United States Secretary of Education.


Involvement in Politics


Since her school days in the late 70s, Betsy DeVos is known to be actively involved in politics. It is at the Michigan’s Calvin College that her passion in politics was birthed as she participated in the institute’s political activities. She joined the Republican Party after completing her studies in business economics in the late 70s. She went on to serve for the party in Michigan as a local precinct delegate and later the Republican National Committeewoman. She showcased excellent leadership capabilities that saw her be elected as the Republican Party Chairwoman in Michigan in 1996 and a re-election to the same post in 2003. Through the years, Betsy was at the forefront in rallying for funds for the party’s political activities and candidates support. One of the remarkable fundraiser that she conducted raised more than 150000 dollars. The funds went to fund the re-election campaign of George W. Bush in 2004. Her family alone has given more than 17 million dollars to the Republican Party since 1989.


Educational Matters


Betsy DeVos is very passionate about every child in the United States accessing quality education. She believes that money should not be a hindrance for children of all walks to achieve their dreams. Betsy has always been at the forefront in advocating for charter schools and school vouchers. Her dedication led her to launch platforms, such as the Alliance for School Choice and the All Children Matter that have been instrumental in her causes. She has also been involved with the Great Lakes Education Project, the American Educational Reform Council and the Foundation for Excellence in Education among others.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation


In 1989, Betsy teamed up with her husband Dick DeVos to start the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Their reason for the move was to launch a foundation that they would use to influence change in leadership in areas that affect the people including education, healthcare, arts, and justice among others. Almost thirty years later, the couple has stood to their mission having supported numerous organizations. They include Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values, Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, the Center for Individual Rights, and Acton Institute among others. Betsy DeVos’ giving goes beyond monetary to advisory and leadership services. She has served on the boards of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Neurocore among others.


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Building a Better World with the American Institute of Architects

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The American Institute of Architects was founded on April 15, 1857. The group is headquartered in Washington D.C. The goal of the organization is to promote the use of and help those to attain membership. It is also an organization that helps newcomers become part of the group through study and proper licensing techniques. As of now, there are more than ninety-thousand members of the organization. There are different levels of membership as well. Here are the five levels and what one can do once attaining these memberships.

The first level of membership is called the Architect Members. This level of membership is made up of those people who are officially licensed to practice the craft of architecture by a licensing authority in the United States. The second level in the organization is called the Associate Members. These members are not yet officially licensed by the group but these members are working with a professional in the craft in order to become Architect Members. The Third level in this organization is called the International Associate Members. These are people of the group that hold the equivalent of the architecture degree outside of the United States. For example, a person living in France could hold this position with the proper training. The fourth level in this organization is called the Emeritus Members. These are members of the organization that have held their membership for fifteen consecutive years or are sixty-five years and over. This group also pertains to those who cannot work in the architecture profession any longer due to illness or become incapacitated and cannot do any of the work required. The fifth and final level of the organization is called the Allied Members. These are members of the group who work in a profession that is in some way related to the profession of architecture. A few examples of these professions include senior executive staff members from a building firm or landscape architects. Landscape architects are also known as planners and lay the groundwork for the job at hand for the architect.

The highest award that a member of the group can receive is called the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. This honor only goes to those people who have contributed a great deal on the national level to qualify for this award.

This is the way the group works. With hard work, one can reach the top.


Introducing Adam Milstein, A Father, Real Estate Baron and, a Philanthropist

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Adam Milstein is renowned for his philanthropy and commitment to preserving the Jewish culture. Adam partners up with like-minded organizations that seek to enlighten young Jews living in America about their people’s vibrant heritage. Additionally, the pro-Israeli advocate has served in various international peacekeeping organizations as a representative of the interests of his people.


Early Life

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a middle-class Jewish couple from Haifa, Israel. The family later moved to Europe in the quest for a better life. The move coincided with the auspicious event that saw Israel become a fully recognized state in 1948. In line with the Israeli culture, the dad served as a combat sailor in one of the nation’s navy fleets. Adam soon followed in his dad’s footsteps and enrolled as a soldier with the respected IDF. Milstein fought in various wars, including the Yom Kippur war of 1973. After serving, Milstein went back to college to study business and economics graduating in 1978, and more information click here.


Coming to America

Adam Milstein, the wife, Gila Elgraby and their daughters, entered the US in 1981. They settled out in LA where Adam enrolled for an MBA at the prestigious University of Southern California. After completing his advanced business course, Milstein secured his first gig in America as a sales agent.


Adam Takes Over LA

It took Adam Milstein close to two decades before he finally made it huge in America. Today, the Israeli is a revered and loved community leader, an acclaimed real estate investor and, more importantly, he’s one of the most benevolent immigrants in LA. He runs a privately held venture capital firm called Hager Pacific Properties. For his outstanding achievements and integrity, he’s been appointed to serve on the committees and boards of several high profile organizations, for instance at the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, AISH LA and at the Israel on Campus Coalition enterprise.


Interview Recap

Adam Milstein recently sat down with Ideasmensch to talk about his life and inspiration. He delved into poignant issues such as how his typical day appears and where he draws his creativity from. We highly recommend you read the complete interview and learn more about the amazing life and times of Adam Milstein.

The Success Path of Avaaz in Empowering Citizens

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Avaaz is an online social network that has physical premises located in the United States. Since its establishment in 2007, the organization has grown over to reach out to several countries across the universe. Azaaz addresses social issues in the community that entail climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty and conflicts among others. Over the past ten years, the organization earns an incredible reputation for being the most powerful online activist network. Avaaz is well-known for being the most extensive progressive non-governmental group with the highest number of members.

The NGO addresses its issues through demonstrations and petition. Avaaz provides support for media companies that are self-reliant in conflict areas. Avaaz is a result of a partnership of Res Publica and Service Employees International Union. Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse are co-founders of the organization. Patel heads the company, acting as the chief executive officer alongside being the president. Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt serve the group as board executives.

Avaaz is massively supported by its members who offer contributions to the organizations. For the past seven years, the establishment recorded donations that had a monetary value of twenty million dollars. Campaigns were previously funded by foundations and corporations until 2009 when it stopped receiving contributions that exceed five thousand dollars. Avaaz campaigns are conducted through fifteen languages to lobby governments and organize demonstrations. Over the years, the organization empowered individuals across six continents. It has volunteers who spearhead campaigns across the globe by uniting values. Ideas pass through a random sample of over ten thousand members. When a full membership immensely supports the view, it is taken into action via several social media channels within hours. Avaaz focuses on providing a suitable living environment for citizens in various countries.