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There was a time when dealing with loved ones, primarily when they were incarcerated, was the most frustrating endeavor. However, for the past three decades, things have been improving. Companies such as Securus Technologies have come up with products and solutions that make associating with our loved ones behind bars much more comfortable.


Securus Technologies was established in 1986. They have their headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. For the past three decades, they have been creating innovative solutions to the communication challenges which exist within our prisons systems. Securus was among the first companies to offer monitored cell phone services to their customers. They have improved these services and are now providing video calls and monitoring services. They have some product and payment options, a move whose aim is making sure that their clients get what they prefer.


The services available include the direct bill phone service. It is the traditional telephone connection where you talk with your loved one in the correctional facility and you are billed monthly. There is also the advance service where the customer gets a pre-paid telephone connection to their loved one and can speak with them as long as their account has credit. The inmate debit allows the inmates to pay their phone bills using a pre-paid service. These are the choices available to customers who are interested in Securus’ Technologies services. The company has managed to spread their influence to more than 200 correctional facilities in the country, and they hope that they will manage to get many others.


Securus has an online platform where their customers can register an account and start communicating or learn more about the products offered. Their customer support understands how sensitive the issue of talking with loved ones in correctional facilities is, and they do their best to make sure that it is as hassle-free as possible.