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Waiakea Water is a special water that is filtered through volcanic rock. Waiakea is also referred to as “Hawaiian Volcanic Mineral Water”. The water is naturally filtered and contains a variety of minerals. Waiakea drinking water will certainly keep you well hydrated.

The special water comes from Mauna Loa. Mauna Loa is known to be an active volcano in Hawaii. In addition, Mauna Loa is one of the largest mountains in the world.

Volcanic Waiakea is actually produced by the combination of melted snow and rain which sits on the peak of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The entire area surrounding the volcano mainly consists of forest preserves. This special water has a very smooth and superior taste.

All water is shipped from the Waiakea Springs in Hawaii to the mainland office which is located outside of Culver City California. Keep in mind, volcanic filtration is what makes this water so unique and so very healthy.

All Water with the Waiakea label is bottled in all recycled plastic which is even better for the environment. Special RPET bottles are used in the manufacturing process. The way in which the water is bottled actually will reduce carbon emissions to a significant degree. Carbon emissions can be quite harmful over a period of time.

Most people are unaware that in many countries the population has no access to clean water. It is estimated that at least one billion people are forced to drink as well as bathe in water that is considered contaminated. Therefore, due to the serious health risks associated with drinking contaminated water, for every liter of water that a customer purchases, the company donates one week of clean water to someone in need.

Essentially, Waiakea donates the water to places such as Africa and other countries that lack the resources that guarantee purified water. Therefore, those residing in foreign countries will now have the opportunity to access purified water which is safe to drink and can have a variety of health benefits.

Finally, Waiakea drinking Water contains low amounts of TDS, which is a reputable indicator for what gives the water its unique and slightly sweet taste. In addition, Waiakea drinking water contains a PH level between 7.5-8.0. The PH level essentially measures acid level as well as alkaline content of the water.

This special Water has a safe nitrate level. Nitrate is easily carried directly through soil by water. There are so very many health benefits that Waiakea drinking water provides.