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Who minds when success comes knocking their way? None applicable in an ideal situation. Aloha Construction Company is a privately owned company family based to be precise operating in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company is exploiting opportunities in Northern Illinois which they strongly believe will pave the way for other siding contractors and roofers. The expectation matches up with the successful combat of the strong hurricanes, storms and hails.


Aloha Construction, Inc’s President, and Chief Executive Officer, David A. Farbaky is elated about the 7000 complete projects in Illinois in 2013. He comes with a promise of improving their services from 2015 onwards from their focal office in Bloomington. To foster growth and expansion, he is pursuing an interior restoration service at Aloha Construction Builds Network’s new branch to be based in Lake Zurich. Through the project, the Midwest homeowners will enjoy durable and remodeled bathrooms, kitchens, basement, natural disaster aid and a closer look at the interiors.


Although home remodeling services have been for long delivered to customers since 2008, the company feel it’s time to set apart a unit in the field work for the same course. The move will increase the number of projects that can be completed within a fixed time frame. This will assure customers of their safety and quality services.


About Aloha Construction Inc

Aloha Construction Inc is a general contractor on the Olympus Avenue Berkeley CA 94708. It is legally registered and licensed to offer construction services in and around Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company operates under a ten years craftsmanship warranty for cover any defects traced back to the contractor. Similarly, the company has been insured against possible perils and hazards.


The Aloha deals with Attic remodeling, installation of countertops, basement, bathtubs, windows, doors among other accessories, cleaning services, cedar siding among others. It also does general construction work working from scratch and also does repair and maintenance. The company boasts of about 18,000 completed projects in its two areas of operation. Just recently the company developed its website that gives clients a personal touch and allows for contact.