Huascar Lopez – CashFX CEO

He was based in the Town of San Francisco de Macors, which is located in the Duarte Province in the Dominican Republic’s northeastern region. He distinguished himself as an entrepreneur at a young age and established his first company when he was 20 years old. He continued to pursue success […]

 Gary McGaghey Recap

Private equity chiefs, who have controlled private firms and publicly traded companies, have the chance to shape and mature a business for success in CFO positions. Multi-year growth plans and resurrection strategies, in particular, are at the mercy of CFOs who want to go into private equity. Private equity firms […]

Raffaele Riva And His Work In AUREA

Raffaele Riva is a global entrepreneur with vast experience in international financial management. He attended the Catholic University of the Sacred Hearts, Milan, and graduated with a certificate as a National public Accountant and a degree in Economics. He also holds a post-graduate SUPSI degree from the University of Applied […]