Huascar Lopez – CashFX CEO

He was based in the Town of San Francisco de Macors, which is located in the Duarte Province in the Dominican Republic’s northeastern region. He distinguished himself as an entrepreneur at a young age and established his first company when he was 20 years old. He continued to pursue success […]

PosiGen – A Solar PV and Thermal Solutions Provider: Thomas Neyhart

How does PosiGen make money?  PosiGen generates revenue through long-term contracted renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. In addition, the solar panel lease product provides attractive customer financing options and asset-based capital. Finally, as Thomas Neyhart points out, PosiGen will earn revenue by selling installation services, credit lease products, customer […]

Alddo Molinar Specialization in the Medical Field

Many patients undergo anesthetic treatment before undergoing major surgeries. Alddo Molinar has been offering top-quality medical treatment services that have attracted many people. He is a critical care medicine expert who goes the extra mile to offer the right treatment services. To reduce pain in people who undergo surgery, Alddo […]