John Savignano Recap

John Savignano is a CPA in Long Island City, NY. He has a diverse background that includes not only accounting but also marketing. John has helped his clients achieve their goals because of his marketing and sales experience and his knowledge of business operations and the numbers behind them.

What’s Special

John is bringing something new to the accounting profession by providing an accounting experience, not just traditional accounting services. He integrates accountants and marketers with tasks being done by each at different points in the client engagement process to optimize lead generation, conversion rates, and revenue growth.

How is it Different?

John recognizes that you need to be different and stand out in a competitive market. His approach to business is unique because he tailors client programs based on their individual needs and provides them with what they require to succeed. He has also implemented processes to help clients manage their business, from acquiring customers to generating revenue through marketing automation and accounting.

Accounting automation processes have been implemented to help clients manage their business better, from acquiring customers through marketing, generating revenue through marketing automation, and accounting for the business activity produced by the process. In addition, these processes provide real-time reporting data for clients to monitor their business operations’ performance for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

New York City CPA firm Brooklyn Audit Group LLC helps small businesses with financial statements, tax preparation, and monthly bookkeeping services while providing creative marketing consulting services for business branding. Serving small businesses in New York City, Long Island City, Astoria, Garden City, Cobble Hill, Forest Hills, and surrounding areas.

Sauce Cast is software developed by John Savignano and his development team. It is a web-based application that helps businesses utilize marketing automation, accounting, and CRM. The Software helps clients track leads, query leads, convert leads, and access analytics. Sauce Cast integrates with many most common brands like Moz, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Adwords, and more.

The Software was created to help businesses increase revenue while improving their customer life-cycle management. The Software takes the complex world of marketing automation and CRM and makes it simple to use. READ: Top 2022 Accounting Trends with john Savignano