Edgard Corona Empire of Fitness

Edgard Corona is known as one of the kings of fitness in the area of Brazil where he lives, and there is a simple reason why. In fact, there are two reasons. These are SmartFit and Bio Ritmo, which are the fitness companies that Edgard Corona owns.

The first company, Bio Ritmo, was the first one that Edgard Corona opened. At the time he was starting the business, a while ago, he noticed that there were few places in the areas of Brazil that he was familiar with that actually had local gyms that had easy access for those who lived nearby. So, he focused on that need and filled it, giving him the ability to profit out of it. That is one of the keys to his success, looking for that need and making sure it’s strong enough, and then finding the most effective way to fill it.

After his success with that business, opening chain after chain, he decided to try another one. This time he called it SmartFit, and the focus on this gym was to facilitate learning and exercising the smart way. One of his methods was modeling the gym on Planet Fitness and its formula, except he changed one part of it. Instead of focusing on fitness instructors to give a personalized experience to gym-goers, he covered this aspect of the business more with exercise programs on televisions that each person could access.

As a result, he could reduce the number of fitness instructors needed significantly, rapidly decreasing his overhead costs, and widening his profit margins. This also worked well, and it allowed Mr. Corona to become one of the most successful businessmen in his area, which gave him the ability to even go so far as to enter the politics of the country to some effect.

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