Alejandro Betancourt: Hawkers Principal Investor

Most popular sunglasses belong to the iconic brands of Gucci, Prada or Ray-Ban. All are produced in the same Luxottica factory: the single largest designer brand for eyewear. They typically cost anywhere from around one hundred fifty dollars to up around one thousand dollars. Yet one brand boldly decided to sell their sunglasses, produced in the very same factory as all other iconic brands, at just a fraction of the cost. This brand, called “Hawkers”, was founded in 2013 by four university friends in the country of Spain. Its founders, Pablo Sanchez, Iñaki Soriano, Alex and David Moreno, have enjoyed great success in the brand. Just three short years after founding Hawkers, as a matter of fact, the company was valued at approximately sixty million dollars and was effectively one of the largest sunglass eyewear companies in the whole world. What truly stepped up Hawkers’ game was an outside investment from O’Hara Administration’s lead investor: Alejandro Betancourt. It was thanks to the leverage of Alejandro Betancourt that Hawkers had the necessary capital to properly scale the business.

Transparency with customers, an affordable cost and a simple product allowed Hawkers to quickly gain sponsorships with pop star Usher, gaming console PlayStation, luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz and the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of these relationships, little was needed to spend on traditional advertising and allowed the brand to absolutely blossom. Since these initial partnerships, Hawkers has been able to grow into a subscription-based contact lens company and to also grow their offerings of colored lenses and eco-friendly lines. Alejandro Betancourt invested fifty million Euros in that important year of 2016 for Hawkers, eventually becoming Hawkers’ president. With the addition of another twenty million dollar investment, Alejandro Betancourt rolled the eyewear into Europe, Asia and North America to become one of Spain’s top ten startups. Hawkers currently has over two hundred employees in various offices around the globe and has over six million likes on Facebook: now one of the most popular fashion brands on Facebook.