Working With Tieks To Get The Right Shoes

Quality over quantity is the new baseline when it comes to shopping for clothes and shoes. Purchasing a few items that are extra coins is a better investment option than having to buy every now and then items that are not durable. Cheap is relatively expensive since buying one item that lasts you years is more rationally and economically worth than buying lots of items in a year whose durability is a couple of months.

Tieks are designer flats that are comfortable to wear made by Kfir Gavrieli’s footwear company. The flats have the tagline ballet flat reinvented because of its characteristic shape of a normal ballet shoe. These flats are in many sizes, shape and color to suit the customer’s needs. They are also foldable and come packed in a rather dashing box that welcomes a buyer to the world of owning a flat.

Fitted with fixed heels to their rubber soles and soft leather uppers, the Tieks are great on the feet and fit comfortably. They come in four main styles: classics, prints, patents and vegan. Classics are made from leather that is hard in nature, standard style and are in one color. Prints are in the same make with classics but are made of fun patterns like with metallic sheen, with patterns of stripes that cross each other to form squares and leopard print. Patents have a high gloss finish and one solid color. Vegans are made purely from non-leather materials that are characteristic of no animal product. Visit this page for additional information.

Working With Tieks To Find The Right Shoes

Deciding on buying shoes may be a daunting task. Worries on the durability, versatility and economic value of the shoe may be factors to consider. They solve the anonymity that comes with stocking up shoes. With its varied styles, there is surety of finding one or two shoes that go along with most of your wardrobe. The shoes are durable because of their well fitted soles that are good for long walks. Tieks are a cost-effective pair that are hard to disappoint.

Tieks can only be purchased via their online store, the Boutiek. Once there you can choose one of the aforementioned styles and expect the price tag to range between $175-$300, but the good news is that shipping is free within United States and we’ve already discussed the generous exchanges policy.


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