Joseph Ashford: A Leader in Business

Joseph Ashford is a brilliant businessman and leader around the world. He is based out of London but has clients all over the world. Joseph Ashford is the CEO of a successful marketing and consulting company called K4 Global. K4 Global opened its doors in 2014 and since that time has been working hard to become a leading company in all areas of media, property, technology and more. With the amazing team of professionals and the leadership of Joseph Ashford, the company, K4 Global, has seen great success over the years. Joseph Ashford is an educated and experienced man who is always willing to help his clients reach their end goal. He strives to deliver success to his team and his clients as they work together to achieve a common goal. He strives himself on doing thorough research before starting any project, studying market conditions, and developing strong and positive relationships with everyone that he works with.


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He has created a unique and impressive culture within his company and has truly made it a place where people are happy to work. For instance, he placed ping pong tables in the breakout rooms to encourage exercise, brain breaks and teamwork. This creative idea has helped his team become more successful and happier to go to work each day. While he is an impressive leader within his business, he is also a leader in the community and society as a whole. He is constantly striving to do better for all. He encourages himself and his staff to partake in eco-friendly activities, such as riding a bike to work, using less paper, and recycling. These actions are making a difference in the entire work and giving future generations a better chance to have the lives that past generations have been lucky enough to enjoy and more