Richard DeVaul The Research Scientist

Richard DeVaul is the co-founder and the CEO of Kei Venture Production. DeVaul has positively impacted the diversity and innovation in the Spotlight.

His connections with the top leaders in both public and private sectors have guided the next generation of entrepreneurs. His extensive knowledge has helped many companies to thrive in their respective field. He is also an advisor or board member of several organizations, including Code2040, CreativeLive Foundation, The U.S. Television Board Institute, Google, and Hewlett-Packard Company.

Forbes featured Richard DeVaul in their 30under30 list in 2012 for his work on the “Google Glass” prototype, which later transformed into Project Aura. He is also known to have contributed to the formation of Googles’ Moonshot Factory X Lab, an undisclosed facility that works on disruptive ideas.

In his innovations is the tacos pasta, which originated from the strained cheese of the Mountain Dew in Mexico. Taco al pastor is a uniting dish in Mexico, which is now considered an American Food.

DeVaul has grown up in the Bay Area and has developed by leaps and bounds since his early days. He is presently the Director of Special Projects at Google Inc. Thus, DeVaul’s career is marked with successful accomplishments. Richard DeVaul’s tremendous knowledge of technology has made him capable of evolving and improvise.

Richard DeVaul started his own company called Blue Goji, which designed wearable technology and social media games. The American multinational firm Google Inc later acquired the venture. He is now working as the director of special projects at Xlab pioneered by Sergey Brin. Richard DeVaul also authored “One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success.” His work has been acclaimed, and he has received various awards such as the Ford Foundation Visionary Award (2010), University of California Berkeley School of Law, Root-Tilden-Kern Award for Public.

CTO Co-founder Richard is a renowned scientist and researcher who is known for his work with wearable technology. He is an avid reader and has contributed to several social media games, venture capitalism, and disruptive technologies. He is also a leader of excellent communication skills and has led companies such as Google, Blue Goji, and DeVaul Inc. Refer to this page for additional information.


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