Why Is QNET Regarded To Be A Ponzi Scheme?

QNET is a direct selling company that has faced numerous accusations for the past several years. Most people worldwide believe that QNET is a Ponzi Scheme business for several reasons, including changing its name severally, three times to be precise, and several other reasons that will be noted in this article. First and foremost, QNET is a direct selling company that gains profit or commission by selling its products online. QNET was established in 1998, and it is currently registered as a legal business in more than 20 countries worldwide. One of the many reasons QNET has been regarded as a Ponzi Scheme includes; its early success and growth.

QNET was recognized as an official distributor in the same year it was established for two commemorative coin sets, including FIFA’S Centennial and the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After three years, QNET started selling travel packages after their partnership with QVI Club. This followed with yet another win for the QNET company in 2006 after expanding their wellness products to sell everything.

All the mentioned early QNET’s success stories led to people doubting its validity, but according to QNET, they were genuinely trying something entirely new to build the company. QNET has faced many accusations in several countries, including Indonesia, India, Rwanda, Egypt, Tajikistan, Moldova, Liberia, and several other countries. In Indonesia, QNET was detained by Interpol for three months due to a civil dispute. However, they were released by Indonesian courts after three months.

Back in 2007, QNET was banned from operating in Rwanda due to tax evasion cases. However, after they provided all the warehouse details and addresses of their stored items, QNET was free from the ban and was allowed to operate freely in the country. In India, there were wild claims and allegations on QNET that an IT expert had taken his own life after losing all his money on his purchases on QNET. See this page for additional information.

Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSEAMvavWFw, for more information about the company.