What Has Been Larry Baer SF Giants CEO’s Journey?

Larry Baer is more than just passionate about professional sports he is a leading visionary in the industry. A little bit about his background is that he attended UC Berkeley as well as the prestigious Harvard Business School. Larry Baer started his professional career in the media industry. He has worked for both Westinghouse Broadcasting and CBS Inc.

He would then continue on the work in the Major League Baseball Industry. He worked with the SF Giants starting in the early ’90s. The SF Giants CEO’s first mission with the team was to help assemble a new team of ownership that would keep the team in their original town of San Francisco. It was in 2012 that Larry Baer was proud to become the SF Giants CEO.

During his very first year as the Giants CEO, the team accomplished winning their second World Series Championship, and then they went one to with the third one in three years. What a major accomplishment. As the SF Giants CEO, he has done much more than just celebrate the team’s wins he has also been privileged to get to overseas the construction of Oracle Park which many fans have named as one if not the best baseball parks ever built.

The Giants CEO is also serving on many different boards such as the Major League Baseball Boards Strategic Planning Committee for example. The Giants CEO has also had his hard work honored in the form of multiple honors and titles. For example, in the year 2012, he was awarded Alumnus of the Year from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Then just two years later, the SF Giants CEO was honored with the University of California Berkeley’s Excellence in Leadership award from the University’s Baseball Foundation. He lives with his wife Pam, and they have four children. Go here for related information.


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