How to carry out effective marketing according to Miki Agrawal

The use of portable bidets is a new concept to toilet hygiene. Miki Agrawal started TUSHY as a way of making more people get high-quality products for toilet hygiene. The portable bidets are a new concept that sometimes becomes embarrassing to sell. She has been engaged in the marketing process of her products, and she has discovered the most effective methods to market the products. She shares her views on different marketing efforts for people to take advantage of. Miki Agrawal is an inspiration to many due to her great success in the marketing field.

Use explainer videos

Miki Agrawal advocates explaining explainer videos because they present the best opportunity for people to get to know how new products work. For her case, the explainer videos simplify the issue of how to use the products. Interested buyers can watch the videos and get all the details on how the products can be used. Application of logos and effective public relations is another area she recommends. Let the logo offer people a rough idea of what they will get from a given company.

Let the people get interested

Another aspect of effective marketing is where people are made to get interested in the marketing efforts. For instance, when people are engaged in marketing efforts, they will concentrate and learn new things. It is a simple strategy, but it is highly effective in making people enjoy the experience.

Apply humor

The application of humor is another way to keep people interested. The idea of introducing unique products such as portable bidets can make people uneasy. When humor is employed, it becomes fun to explain different concepts that people would like to know about the different factors related to a given product. Learn body language to know whether people are interested. The poses and other body movements can be a great way to know whether the agreeing efforts are working or not.

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