An Insight into David Schmidt’s Tireless Pursuit in Health and Wellness Endeavors

LifeWave Technology was established in 2004 by David Schmidt.

The CEO dedicated his resources and time to see the concept of naturally increasing stamina and energy via wireless communication or elevation of fat burning come into fruition.

Under his leadership, LifeWave Technology has risen through the ranks to augment its global footprints.

The entrepreneur has expanded the company’s global reach and branched out its operations into nearly 100 countries from the fledgling phases.

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LifeWave Technology boasts a solid presence in Japan, Taiwan, United States, and Ireland.

Nevertheless, the company encompasses distribution and warehouse facilities worldwide.

David Schmidt’s interest in wellness began at the age of 15 upon watching Durk Pearson talk more about his book.

He has worked towards mimicking natural processes throughout his professional-driven career to help individuals stay younger and live longer.

The Chief Executive Officer of LifeWave Technology has carved a well-curated portfolio in the niche of wellness and biomimetics.

Most interestingly, David Schmidt flaunts as the holder of various issued patents globally.

A good number of these issued patents are centered in the niche field of regenerative technology and science.

The Double Helix Conductor is one of his amazing innovations in the wellness industry.

Indeed, this innovation brings out a novel fuse of non-electromagnetic and electromagnetic fields to enhance the speed of wound healing.

Intrigued by the prospect that phototherapy can be a viable opportunity through which an individual’s stem cells can be triggered into a youthful state, David Schmidt leveraged his professional intuition to establish X39.

LifeWave Technology has collaborated with various industry professionals like Dr. Melinda Connor.

Earlier this year, Dr. Melinda Connor presented her clinical at the LifeWave conference demonstrating the disruptive impact of X39 on metabolism.

In addition to X39 activating stem cells, this innovation is doing much more.