How Vik Bansal is Helping Cleanaway to Manage Plastic Waste in the Community

Every company in the business world today hopes to make some huge contributions to the community. There is no organization that is only looking for profits only. The organizations that are only looking to increase their profitability in the business environment have suffered because customers are only interested in working with the organizations that are offering something to the community that is around the operation of the organization.

Cleanaway is an organization that has been doing one of the tremendous jobs in the waste management industry in Australia. It is worth indicating that this organization has been at the forefront of changing the environment in Australia through its strategies. As the new leader of the organization, Vik Bansal has been working hard to ensure that this organization is bringing some major changes to the community and thereby enhancing the reputation of this organization in Australia.

Vik Bansal wants the organization to expand its waste management practices to other regions around the country. As it stands, Cleanaway has only been looking to handle all the waste management issues in the major cities. This means that some of the smaller cities in the country have not been getting any organization that has been looking to address the huge waste piles that have dominated the outskirts of values neighborhoods. It is essential to address the waste in such communities as well.

Besides moving into the smaller cities to address the issue of waste, it is essential to indicate that Vik Bansal has also ventured into a new area of operations. Vik wants Cleanaway to also handle the waste plastic materials in the cities around the country. Previously, Cleanaway was not handling the waste plastics in the cities as it was leaving that responsibility to the local council. However, it is worth indicating that the new approach will help in eliminating plastics in the country.

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