The role ClassDojo Plus in the classroom

ClassDojo Plus is a service that allows parents to breach the wall between the classroom and their home. By opting into this optional subscription parents are able to transform their homes into classrooms where the children can continue to practice to improve themselves much like they already do in the classroom with ClassDojo. The inclusion of detailed yearly and monthly progress reports in addition of existing reports allow parents to further understand how their children are doing and in what areas they need improvement, when paired with fully customizable rewards and points along interesting and entertaining rewards, Plus gives the proper tools for any parents who wants to maximize their children’s potential. Apart from reward, parents will also be content to see customizable and personal monster avatars which help their children develop creatively and as individuals with their own identity in the world. The memories tab in the app encourages the creation of a scrapbook which both children and parents can look back on in the future to reflect on the progress and life of their children. Although ClassDojo is free, the different subscription options along the seven-day free trial means that the Plus version is very accessible for most parents who are interested in it.

Even though it is a supplement to the already free ClassDojo, Plus and its features do not affect a child’s progress in class and will only supplement their lessons as it reinforces learned lessons at home. Plus is both available at the IOS or Android app and has its own email address,[email protected], where parents can ask further questions about Plus.

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