Joggingbuddy Board Appoints Michael Capiraso as Shareholder and Advisor

The former New York Road Runners (NYRR) CEO, Michael Capiraso, is a transformational and visionary leader whose concrete achievements have integrated sustainable growth in consumer goods brands, entertainment, and sports. Before being promoted as the organization’s President and CEO, he led strategic and dynamic executive on large-scale brand building and operational efforts at WPP, Calvin Klein, NFL, Cole Haan, and Major League baseball.

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All-round his career, Michael has conveyed spectacular results through innovative technology and marketing, acquisition, and organic growth. Thus, enhancing a culture with technologically innovative programs and managing results through diverse and collaborative leadership teams. With Michael’s vast experience, Jogging Buddy believed he would bring a heap of experience and vision that would keep them firmly focused on helping millions worldwide. Therefore, they offered to appoint him on Board as advisor and shareholder.

JoggingBuddy, a platform that assists people to form friendships for a walk, jog, and run, was launched in 2009 with more than 100 countries as members. It plans on bringing more awareness to the importance of fitness and daily physical activities, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic increases immunizations, masks mandate, and social distancing. In addition, the lockdown has destroyed human health as it has lowered overall human activities to a halt.

Under Michael’s brand-building skills and leadership, he is a valuable asset as he is expected to engage and re-energize more people to keep fit for long-term health. JoggingBuddy has logged runners to almost 300,000 miles; more than 6,600 miles were on a treadmill, almost 172,000 miles for training, more than 66,000 miles for an event, 952 miles for training, and almost 43,000 miles for recreation.

About JoggingBuddy

JoggingBuddy started as an ordinary effort to help people be healthier by inspiring them to run. It makes jogging and running easier and fun by offering them a vehicle to connect with other people interested in jogging. It partners with 2Pure, MyMo, and the Athlete Media Group.

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