Why Asot Michael is Investing Heavily in Antigua and Barbuda’s Education System

Historically, the level of education in a country plays an essential role in addressing most of the major issues that each country needs to address. This is the main reason why every other country should be working really hard to make sure that a significant number of people in the country are educated. It is unfortunate that most of the countries around the world have not been taking this as an important policy (LinkedIn).


In Antigua and Barbuda, only a very small percentage of the population has been able to acquire basic education. This means that the population that has been able to acquire higher education is negligible and cannot make any difference in the success of the country. This is something that Asot Michael has been observing and which he indicates is a major problem to the country. The economic well-being of the country has everything to do with the quality of education in the country. Educated nations tend to create a good economic platform that can help every other individual to thrive with ease. This is the main reason why those who have been working in the developed countries are known to have unmatched levels of education that enables them to contribute to the economic progress of the country. 

Asot Michael is looking for all the ways possible through which he can change the wellbeing of the education status in the country. In his view, having very many people with education in the country will be very effective in bringing some very essential changes. However, without the necessary education, it is worth indicating that bringing such changes will be something that the Antigua & Barbuda country will struggle to incorporate for many years. According to Asot Michael, wants to make sure that most of the operational issues that the country needs to handle have everything to do with ensuring that all the issues to do with education are professionally observed. This is the only way the entire country will move forward in the right direction because most of the people have the needed education, and they have been playing a vital role in the growth of the country.