Posigen Changing The Environment One Household at A Time

PosiGen, a solar panel energy company believes everyone should have accessible solar energy. They want solar energy to be easy to access by everyone. So even low income families who own their home should be able to install solar panel systems to lower their energy bills, save money and improve the value of their homes. Why Did PosiGen Decide to Make Solar Energy Affordable for Everyone? 

After Hurricane Katrina, the people of New Orleans were devastated. Many people wanted to fix or rebuild their homes, but they wanted to add improvements, make their homes more efficient and stronger. 


There were several programs available to homeowners, but more often than not, low income families did not qualify for these programs. The founders of Posigen saw the disparity and wanted to make changes. So they started offering solar energy systems in affordable packages and helped people of all levels rebuild their homes and make them better. In the end, Posigen solar power company designed a financing leasing system that would help bring solar energy to low income homeowners.

People found they could invest in solar power and that it did save them money. PosiGen solar power company grew quickly and now they install thousands of systems nationwide. Today, Posigen is a leading provider of solar energy systems. PosiGen helps families with their energy needs while making the world a more sustainable place. They are making a difference in their communities and to the world through solar power. They make a positive impact on the families they serve, offer important job opportunities, and make a difference in the environment.