Sujit Choudhry: His Role in Sector Reform

Sujit Choudnry is a Constitutional Advisor. His has over 20 years of experience in this area. He is involved with International IDEA. His primary locations are Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He has been a respected advisor on the following:

* constitution building

* peace processes

* support for democracy

His experience is broad and he has worked within many different contexts. This includes conditions of political violence and during ceasefires. He is a recognized authority, internationally, on constitutional law (comparative). He is also an authority on politics. He is known to combine in-depth field experience with wide-ranging research (agenda). He does this in his role as an advisor within building processes (constitution). He is is a respected professor and his research has addressed a broad range of issues. Sujit Choudnry does hold a law degree and his intelligence and dedication comes through in everything he does.

2019 in California: Security Sector Reform

Providing guidance for evolving democracies in terms of reforming various sector agencies (security) is weaved in with “Security Sector Reform” (Constitutional Transitions). This involves broader processes. Constitutional reform all through the globe. This information was provided by in 2019.

SSR: Democratic Transitions

SSR is referring to Security sector reform. This is vital within any democratic transitions which are opening up all through the planet. This is referring to those countries which are debating about the ways to transform the following:

* militias

* tribal forces

* dominant military

* intelligence agencies

* police

Transforming them into accountable security organizations and controlled (democratically) security services (accountable). SSR is a core element within the changes of an authoritarian toward a representative government or democratic for the future. Advancing solutions with the use of various case studies, from around the globe, is the outcome and goal. The studies cover a broad scope of circumstances.  For more information please visit at