Pam Baer Steps Up During The Pandemic

Pamela Baer is someone who always manages to find a way to help the community when it is needed the most. She has been proactive in numerous philanthropic and community endeavors. One of her main focuses has been on the healthcare space. Healthcare is something that everyone deserves to have; however, everyone does not have the funds to get the help they need.

Pam Baer helps people who are in these kinds of situations. She has helped with various campaigns to help people who have been overlooked in the healthcare system.

The pandemic has brought the issues of healthcare to the forefront. Many people did not even recognize how big the need actually was until the pandemic occurred.

One initiative that is close to Baer’s heart is the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund. It helps with funding for mental health. In fact, they were able to raise millions of dollars since it was first started. The fund is used to help people get the mental care they need, no matter what their economic situation is like. Mental health awareness definitely became more of a priority due to the pandemic. Many were needing mental health care.

The Zuckberberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFGH) continues being a place the community can go to for that care. ZSFG goes above and beyond by offering 24/7 psychiatric emergency services in San Francisco. Around sixty percent of ZFSG, psychiatric patients are homeless and do not have insurance. If programs like this were unavailable, they would be unable to get the help they so desperately need. Visit her profile on LinkedIn, to learn more.

Pam Baer actually joined the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in 2002 and continued on the board for numerous years. The board offered her to become a Lifetime Director when she decided to leave the post. Baer is known the most for healthcare; however, she has been involved with all kinds of philanthropic work that she believes in.


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