Digital Training Products And Services From IM Academy

New York-Based IM Academy sells digital learning products and services. Teachers use the items and services to instill students with knowledge about trading foreign exchange. The company sells the items through its online platform. It has been in operation since 2013 when Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre opened it.

When the partnership took place, the owners looked forward to providing their clients with teaching methods that would equip them with skills to trade without help. As a result, its products and services have benefited close to 225,000 active customers since it opened its doors for business.

The entire firm’s workers operate from their locations, which helps IM Academy spend less on operational costs, such as rent and extra salaries. That also enables the company’s managers to hire people from whichever locality, which has been favorable during the Covid-19 period. Working remotely also helped the company continue its operations, even with many others affected by a coronavirus.

The products sold by IM Academy come in the form of teaching modules. All individuals interested in using the learning programs should purchase them from the academy’s website. The academies available from the site include FRX, DCX, ECX, and HFX. The firm also sells Elite academies to all interested parties at a discount. Training happens online by instructors known as IM educators.

The company calls the service “GoLive.” All “GoLive” lessons are available in 13 varying languages so that students choose the one they understand best. The sessions are availed at different times and days for learners to follow them up from different locations. Each session lasts sixty minutes. During that time, learners get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss whatever the teachers teach. In addition, the students who miss any session may get them saved on the IM Academy’s library using their mobile devices. See this page for additional information.


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