Online Trading Academy and Professor Peter Encourage Retail Traders and Investors to Seek Substantial Financial Education To Make Good Money

Twenty-plus years ago, OTA, led by Richardson, started offering financial education after realizing existing retail traders had no confidence and lacked skills and proficiency to operate effectively in the financial markets. If you are not well conversant with a particular area and go-ahead to invest in it, there are high chances your investment will fail. For forty-plus years, people have been misguided by various CT methodology-based researches whose findings tend to be common: Retail traders and investors often lose their money. The results have always discouraged potential investors since no one is ready to waste his or her money on unprofitable investments.

The 2013 research on The Behavior of Individual Investors by Terrence Odean and Brad Barber is one of these researches. The problem with the research is that it did not explain why some investments in the financial markets turn out unprofitable. According to the professor of the University of New South Wales, Peter Swan, and Online Trading Academy, provided investors and retail traders acquire the proper financial education, loss of money will be a nightmare. By using HPI methodology, the 2016 research about The Trading Performance of Households Investors Vs. Delegated People’s Money by Peter, Wei, and Joakim showed that educated retail traders and investors got good returns from their investments, discrediting any CT methodology-based research with biased information that the market players make losses from time to time.

OTA, which also has a research center, gives a thumbs up to Peter Swan’s research study for it approved what it has for years believed in: Good financial education leads to success in the financial markets. By doing its research from its alumni and other successful traders, OTA found that people are making good money from their investments. OTA employs competent tutors whose use step-by-step Strategy Methodology, equipping the students with outstanding strategies to help make sound decisions on the best ways to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals.

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