Andrew Alexander


Alexander Andrew was born on March 24, 1944, in London, England. Together with his family, they moved to Canada in the year 1915 and later joined Tri-state College in Indiana and Ryerson University in Toronto. He has been an actor since the year 2007 to date. Currently, he lives in West London with his wife Araxie Kutchukian who is an artist. After completing his education, he did jobs like a cab driver, magazine editor, waiter, and tree salesman.

Alexander Andrew is a producer in the comedy industry. He has played a key role in development efforts to improve theatrical comedy. He is the CEO and the executive producer at the second city which began in 1972 when he attended a show at Chicago home. That was when he had a deep connection with comedy. That night, Alexander decided to pursue a career that made people laugh and see things differently.

Alexander Andrew’s new sense of direction drew him closer to the co-founder of the second city, Bernie Sahlins. With a loan he got from his friend, Alexander took to himself the falling location of a comedy club and renovated it. In 1975, NBC launched an experimental sketch comedy known as Saturday night live. The show was featured in 1976 on Canadian television (SCTV) which earned them a lot of fans.

After fifty years in the comedy industry, Alexander has numerous advice for new performers. On June 7, 2020, Alexander has given his best years to comedy and has enjoyed the fruits of his labour.

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