Georgette Mulheir- People Who Take Action in Crisis

To say that 2020 was an interesting year is an incredible understatement. Worldwide people have been subject to a pandemic, economic distress, and unfortunately, human rights have been challenged and violated. Most of us digest this news as we would with dinner but there are people who refuse to look at a crisis and just do nothing. Georgette Mulheir is one of these people and founder of the “Defend Haiti’s Democracy” movement. Let us explore the movement, its founder, and where the Defend Haiti’s Democracy can and will go from here.


Haiti, located East of Cuba and several hundred miles from the Florida coast, has been the subject of much discussion over the last decade. Administration after administration has spoken to the country and its plight, but what have we done to help? During 2020 Haiti suffered a stalled election, a dissolution of its parliament, human and civil right violations, and to be honest a loss of democracy (Newsanyway). 


With no voice from the people, a socialist regime has taken the country instituting its own secret police and ruling by force rather than in the interest of its citizens. This information is readily available on the internet, YouTube, or your chosen information source so why is nothing being done? Enter, Georgette Mulheir and the Defend Haiti’s Democracy group. Coming from humble means, she went on to be named after extensive work one of the most influential social workers in the world in 2014. Her work based in children, orphanages, and the care of the impoverished can be seen in Eastern and Western Europe before Georgette Mulheir turned her attention to Haiti. Haiti, which has suffered earthquakes, massacres, and now a governmental group far more interested in serving its own needs rather than the population it should represent, is in need of change. 


Democracy, the very voice of the people, is the solution as has always been. The goal of Defend Haiti’s Democracy is to return power to the people and steer it away from dictators that would rule in the nature of Stalin or Mao. To give people a voice as to who will represent them, what is important to their lives, and to give them the ability to move to law and order versus the lawlessness they have endured. According to activists that run the Defend Haiti´s Democracy organization, order in society returns not only the ability to have an even playing field, but also it returns the ability to feel safe in your own country. To defend the ability to speak your own voice, to invest in your own interests, and to plan for your children’s future is beyond value.