CEO of Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast WesternMatthew Fleeger is a philanthropist whose organization is based in the Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas area. Matthew is presently the CEO and President of Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western, which his father founded in 1970. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is a U.S. company that focuses solely on domestic oil/gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region. It’s a family-owned gas/oil exploration business that seeks to enhance oil drilling sites, globally. This company’s main focus is working with investors in the industry, to bring their talents, experience and resources all together in one place. They want to be sure that each investor knows all the possible risks and benefits associated with making gas/oil exploration investments.

In 1985, Matthew Fleeger earned his Bachelor’s Degree in business at Southern Methodist University, where he majored in the study of marketing and finance. Through the years, he has gained a strong background in finance and marketing. Matthew has experience in corporate structuring, mergers, joint projects and growth of various companies. His expertise makes Matthew Fleeger an ideal choice as the President and CEO of Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western.

At this time, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western strives to improve oil drilling activities at many different sites in the U.S. and all over the world. The sites that are most sought after are in countries that are just starting development.

Matthew Fleeger

The oil/gas industry has faced a lot of major challenges over the past twenty years. The main problem has been the introduction of alternate sources of energy, which lessens the demand for gas/oil in the U.S. Also, the constant fluctuation of the economic tide has greatly affected this industry. These things have forced gas/oil companies to change the way they function and the traditional model of these organizations.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western also prides itself in supporting seven different organizations and charities.